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“It is with pride and passion that I remember my father, Joe, a WWII veteran who proudly served our country. Dad, you made this world a better place and you will always be remembered with lessons learned -    of  courage, bravery and honesty. "

  • Remember a family member

  • Remember a friend 

  • Remember a neighbor

  • Remember a classmate

  • Remember a colleague

  • Remember a store keeper

  • Remember  past generations

  • Remember new veterans

  • Just remember ...  today and everyday ...


To sustain a ‘legacy of remembrance’ from generation to generation of any-era veteran 

for his/her service and sacrifice – forever honored, recognized and remembered. 

man you could be fortunate enough to know – so sincere, humble, thoughtful,

re-spectful, smart, spirited, witty and the list goes on and on. A decorated WWII

veteran, Rocco’s a source of much inspiration to others. May he live and be well”.


About 'Remember A VEteran Inc.' [R A V E™]

Our veterans represent the heart and soul of America … having defended and protected us at home and abroad ... enabling us to live as a free nation.

Embracing the popular and often quoted slogan ‘Freedom Is Not Free’, we must always remember the price of freedom, the cost of war… many have made the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ leaving family and friends to serve our country and then passing prematurely, never to live out the rest of their lives … Those veterans who have survived the horrors and carnage of wars and conflicts and returned home are often haunted by such memories.

Still others are left to deal with an array of physical and emotional injuries including but not limited to loss of limb(s), traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress (PTSD), thoughts of suicide, low morale; other. They return home to embark on a new life chapter, seeking viable opportunities for employment, education, family, housing, lifestyle - and our remembrance.

While we periodically embrace the heroics of our service members and veterans, the long-term remembrance is short-lived. We need a continuum for prominent focus so that day-to-day ‘remembrance’, 'thanks' and ‘acknowledgement’ are significantly proportionate to the degree of service and sacrifice by our veterans. We must always Remember A VEteran!

As a proud American, what can I do? What can you do?

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