Recent RAVES

“It is with bittersweet memories that I RAVE about Peppi DiGeronimo. A proud WWII veteran, Peppi could bridge the generation gap and converse with everyone as he offered candy and stories. His flirty ways always engaged the ladies - with a twinkle in his eyes and an indelible smile on his face. 

“WWII veteran Al Maher will live on in ‘forever memory’ with his larger-than-life presence, spirit, stature and sass! His active participation in the veterans' community was a testament to his dedication to fellow veterans! With humor, generosity and war stories, he captivated many audiences. ”

“WWII veteran Rocco J. Moretto is a man among men – one of the finest people you could be fortunate enough to know – sincere, humble, proud, smart, thoughtful, respectful, spirited, witty and the list goes on and on. A decorated WWII veteran, Rocco’s a source of much inspiration to me and others. May he live and be well” and may we ‘never forget’ his heroism, bravery and service!”

How to RAVE™ - Remember A Veteran

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What can you or I do to remember those who have proudly served our country in times of peace and conflict? Our nation's veterans are the backbone upon which we lay claim to our precious freedom. Through bloodshed and tears ... through life and death ... you and I must never forget those who came before to defend our nation ... to serve and protect .... and make this world a better place in which to live, survive and thrive! We can, quite simply albeit profoundly… Remember A Veteran (“RAVE”™).

We can demonstrate our remembrance in many meaningful ways. We can let our veterans know how important they are to us and how passionate we are about their legacy of service and sacrifice - about them!

Guidelines and Criteria: A Call to Action!

•  Identify a veteran (alive or deceased) that you’d like to ‘remember’

•  Choose your medium for your remembrance; can be more than one:      

    [Example: written - slogan, quote, essay, dedication, narrative, artwork,    

    picture, collage, song, play/show, handmade greeting card, help a vet]

•  All submitted work in any medium must be original and certified as such.

•  Required information to be included with your submission: 

     - Veteran’s contact information: name/address/e-mail/telephone no.

     - Veteran’s service branch(s), rank, years of service, age, status 

      - Your name/address, e-mail, phone; age (minor/adult), status (i.e.,

        student, other); statement of originality

     - Brief statement of your selection. What inspired you to select this        

        veteran – what makes him or her special to you? to others? 

•   Be creative with new ways to RAVE that are true to its Mission/Vision!

•   Participate in patriotic events and existing programs; create new events 

•   Stay tuned! Your submission may be posted on this web site! 

Thank you for participating and remembering a veteran - spread the word!