man you could be fortunate enough to know – so sincere, humble, thoughtful,

re-spectful, smart, spirited, witty and the list goes on and on. A decorated WWII

veteran, Rocco’s a source of much inspiration to others. May he live and be well”.


Ways to Remember A VEteran: R A V E™

Catch the Wave -

Create your RAVE™ !

  • Treat a veteran to breakfast - a bagel, muffin or donut!

  • Celebrate his/her birthday!

  • Rename a street after a veteran!

  • Host an 'evening with a veteran(s)' ;show & tell!

  • Participate in 'bring a veteran to school' program!

  • Implement 'bring a veteran to work' day!

  • Bake cupcakes for a veteran!

  • Connect veterans with each other!

  • Look in on a veteran. 

  • Encourage others to RAVE -Remember A Veteran - from simple to grander ways!​​

Do you have someone you’d like to R A V E about? How can you R A V E?

•  Write your R A V E - an original dedication, poem, quote, testimonial, essay/short story, interview, article; school play; other! 

•  Create original artwork: pictures, collage, photographs! 

•  Send a greeting card; create your own handmade card!  

•  Conduct a narrative - reflections: special memory!  

•  Build a Remembrance Book (to R A V E about)!

•  Host a 'Thank You For Serving' local community event; i.e., a walk, a run, a bike tour; a book tour! Invite veterans, family and friends to attend! Engage students to get involved: listen, learn, remember, respect; 'pay it forward'!

•  Participate in patriotic events, programs, services and/or initiatives:

    > Veterans Day Parade

    > Memorial Day Ceremonies/Observances

    > Thank You For Serving™

    > Memorial Day Foundation™ 

    > Step Into Their Boots™

    > Military Appreciation Day/Night 

Please share your ideas, comments, remembrances, gratitude and thank you’s! Help inspire others to R A V ERemember A VEteran!

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